youth furniture

Here you can see a selection ofyouth and children's furniture catalogsfor home. Discover our entire collection for the rooms and studies of the little ones. Also remember that infurniture industryWe offer you the possibility of designing to measure all theyouth furniturewhat do you need.

Catalog of youth furniture

Catálogo de muebles juveniles Style Plus 2020
Catalogo de muebles Juveniles Mood Kidscolor
Mood Kids Color
Catálogo de muebles juveniles Sonrie
Catalogo de muebles juveniles Stay
Catalogo LiveBox
Live Box
Catálogo FormasPlus
Catálogo Basic Home
Basic Home
Young World
Catálogo de muebles juveniles ONE
Catalogo de muebles juveniles Adapt
Catálogo Smile
Catálogo Livemar iPlus 2022
Catalog Livemar iPlus 2022

In Industria furniture we give you all the possible solutions incustom furniture. If you need an exclusive project, tailor-made for you and adapted to a specific environment, contact us. You will also be able to see a 3D montage of how your wardrobe looks before installing it. This way it will be easy to get a clear idea of ​​the final result. In our facilities you will find the best professionals. Thanks to which you can have the wardrobe as you need.

Experts in youth furniture

For more than65 years, we offer our clients customized solutions. Our furniture is made with top quality materials, without neglecting the price. Located in the neighborhood ofCarmel,In Barcelona, ​​Furniture Industry offers you everything you need to furnish and decorate your home.

We are a young but experienced team. From the beginning we have always adapted to new technologies to offer the best solutions withcomputer-generated designs in photo-realistic quality. In this way, our clients can check how their furniture would look before buying it. We make budgets without any cost or commitment and alsowe finance your furniture up to 24 months without interest. Our assemblies are carried out by professionals, taking care of the detail and without any additional cost. Quality and service are our main objective, as our customers endorse.

You can visit us at our store in Barcelona. Also consult us for any project throughout Spain. We give you support, mainly, in matters of furniture, decoration, mattresses and upholstery, among others.

Folleto juveniles 2019 Muebles Industria
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