Custom sofas and sofas with integrated pouf

Sofás a medida y sofás con puf integrado

The decoration of the main room of any home should include furniture with personality, that goes in tune with the style of the room and the house and that provides comfort to the tenants and guests. To do this, interior designers often resort to custom sofas because of the versatility they offer.
Thecustom sofasThey can be found at Furniture Industry in the city of Barcelona, ​​with the option to also buy online. Both in the physical store and in the online store, they offer an infinity of possibilities and alternatives that allow spaces to be brought to life, in addition to offering the latest upholstery novelties in Spain, as well as the necessary accessories to complete an avant-garde and personalized design.

Options for the living room

Today, custom sofas are an option chosen by a large number of users. Their main advantage is that they adapt perfectly to the style of the home, as well as its dimensions. In this way, both small apartments and large rooms can incorporate this type of furniture in their dining room. Some of the most outstanding options in the catalog are the sofa beds, with different dimensions and a wide range of colours. These are perfect for optimizing space in the living room or any bedroom.

Another of the options most chosen by customers and interior designers are the sofas with integrated pouf. One of its main properties is that it optimizes space to the maximum, in addition to offering great comfort.

Furniture Industry offers a wide variety of designs and colors, perfect to combine with style and good taste any type of space.

Design as a family business

Furniture Industry is a family brand of interior design and decoration in Barcelona that for three generations has designed homes throughout Spain. The grandfather of the family founded the first store in 1951; the father moved it to Calderón de la Barca street in 1971 and currently the children are in charge of maintaining the family legacy. In addition to custom sofas, they offer dining room furniture, youth furniture, outdoor items, mattresses and rest equipment, and all kinds of accessories for the home.

They offer design options adjusted to the most demanding needs of professionals and clients. For those who want to go to another level, in terms of interior design and decoration.

Every year Furniture Industry brings the new upholstery in Spain, so the latest developments are part of the 2022 collection, which can be found in its online store.For those who want to receive personalized and face-to-face advice in Barcelona, ​​they can visit their store at Calle Calderón de la Barca 76 or Calle Dante Alighieri 17.

Sofás a medida y sofás con puf integrado

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