Furniture, interior design and decoration in Barcelona

35,00 - 64,00 VAT included

Office chairs

Office chair MAXX

111,60 - 124,00 VAT included
152,00 VAT included
59,00 VAT included

Kitchen chairs

PISA kitchen chair

39,00 VAT included
157,00 - 168,00 VAT included


Valet 23136

56,00 VAT included
159,00 VAT included
450,00 399,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

Key wood

10,00 9,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

Natural trunk lamp

50,00 45,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

Support for PC made of pallets

120,00 108,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

decorative rabbit

10,00 9,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

Bottle holder

40,00 36,00 VAT included

Muebles Reciclados

Pallets folding table

650,00 585,00 VAT included
116,00 VAT included
449,00 VAT included
744,00 VAT included

Office chairs

Office chair TITAN

136,00 VAT included

Tables for lunch

Dining table OAKLAND

439,00 VAT included
1.088,00 VAT included

Dining chairs

LARS dining chair

65,00 VAT included
102,00 VAT included
18,68 - 31,08 VAT included
9,16 - 16,76 VAT included
36,82 - 61,42 VAT included
439,00 350,00 VAT included
520,00 156,00 VAT included
661,20 198,00 VAT included
585,00 175,00 VAT included
350,00 105,00 VAT included

latest reviews

Francisca Jimenez

We went to change the sofa and Daniel advised us very well. The experience has been very positive. Store highly recommended if you are looking for quality and good advice.

Lourdes Rodrigo Buade

Very good deal, we felt very well advised at all times. Very good professionals and very good value for money. We will recommend to our family and friends!

Carmen Sánchez Sánchez

A great deal! Daniel pampers its customers like no other, it shows that he loves what he does and that enthusiasm infects also have extensive knowledge of course. It has a variety of products, a large display and the value is good! Very happy with the result, return to this store.

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