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280,00 VAT included

Dining chairs

Silla de Comedor ZURY

99,00 VAT included

Dining chairs

Silla Comedor VISION

85,00 VAT included
239,00 VAT included

the most sold

226,00 - 235,62 VAT included



70,00 VAT included
225,00 VAT included
165,00 VAT included

Coat hangers

Coat stand Barsento

69,00 VAT included
795,00 - 875,00 VAT included



59,50 - 190,40 VAT included
582,00 - 1.547,00 VAT included

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Lorena Guevara

Excellent attention, efficiency and customer service! I did not know them but they will surely be my reference for future purchases! Thanks a lot! They are a charm!

Albert Navarro Rueda

If this store has been in the neighborhood for so many years, it will be for something, my grandmother already bought the furniture here. Prices for all budgets, they are super attentive both before and after the purchase since they always respond and you can also see how the furniture looks before buying. Totally recommended !!!

Marta Heredero Navés

Heir Marta Navés

Very good professionals. I had a problem with a relax chair and they solved it in half an hour by going home. Thanks Daniel and German.

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